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Energy Assessment & Benchmarking

A comprehensive energy assessment of the facility is the first step in improving your business’s overall energy performance and cost. We’ll work with your staff to identify and quantify current energy consumption patterns and to build a mass & energy balance of your operation that can be used for measuring current and future performance. The assessment process yields an assortment of potential energy saving opportunities that we will further refine, with your guidance, into a prioritized list of actionable projects with basic ROI economics.

Energy Goal Setting

With the assessment & benchmarking activities as a foundation, we’ll help you establish achievable targets for energy reduction over time that meet your growth and affordability objectives. We’ll provide you with energy efficiency, cost improvement, and carbon footprint (CO2e) impact metrics.

Energy Management

Finally, we’ll guide you through the design and implementation of a robust energy management program that will help put your business on a solid path toward accomplishing its energy goals. We’ll work with you to create tools and management systems that will enable you to track improvements, identify new opportunities, and evaluate both the savings and costs for future energy upgrades.



We have broad experience in many different types of manufacturing utility systems and are available to help your team troubleshoot nagging problems impacting your plant’s reliability, uptime, and O&M costs. We can tackle problems plaguing your steam generation, steam distribution, condensate return, compressed air, process vacuum, cooling water, and pumping systems, among others.

Expansion and Turndown Studies

Often utility systems are forgotten when plants grow or make throughput changes, resulting in reliability issues and increased cost. We can prepare capacity evaluations of your systems and then help you determine your most cost effective expansion or turndown options. We’ll prepare basic data for conceptual design, prepare basic project economics, and help you make the best decisions for your business.





Compliance Audits

The hazards inherent in combustion processes cannot be overlooked or taken lightly. We can help you audit your systems against industry standards and ensure that they are designed and operating properly. We have experience serving on multiple NFPA combustion committees and can help you interpret those standards so that your burners are set up to operate safely and reliably.

Operating Procedure Development

We can work with your team to write comprehensive but simple operating and troubleshooting procedures that will allow your staff to safely handle all aspects of your combustion processes. We can also provide awareness training to aid in hazard or off-standard condition recognition so that they will react appropriately when necessary.


Content Development

If your people need training on your systems, we can help you design an effective program and then take the lead preparing content that will ensure they meet the required learning objectives.

Training Presentation

We are happy to remove the training burden from your staff by presenting material live, virtually, or by creating on-demand presentations. We have designed and presented packages on most utility systems that address fundamentals, operations, maintenance, troubleshooting, efficiency improvement, and environmental impact.


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